Aesthetic and comfort orthodontics

Removable, comfortable, almost invisible

  • 50% faster treatment time
  • A virtually planned smile before the treatment begins
  • Villa Louisa - provider No. 1 in Ukraine
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    Up to 50% faster treatment

    The most advanced clear aligner system in the world

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    Better Smile - Better Life

    Make the first step to achieve the perfect smile

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    Specially created aligners for teens

    Indicator that gradually loses blue color and helps to determine the time of wearing an aligner

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    5 million smiles and counting

    Is your smile one of the 5 million smiles worldwide?

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    Caps on teeth for bright smiles

    Let's have a reason to smile this spring

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    Choose the best option for you!

    We take care that you have the options to choose the treatment which suits you the best!

  • Invisalign (America) - for severe and any other cases.
  • ClearCorrect (America) - for moderate cases.
  • Great Aligners (America) - for light cases ant aesthetic correction.
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