5 / 5 / 2020

6 true facts about INVISALIGN treatment for kids and adults

Fact 1

Treatment with aligners Invisalign will not be significantly more expensive than with braces.

The braces market is very diverse and prices as well. A good bracket system will cost a lot. Beside this:

  • Very often during treatment with braces you will need to extract healthy live teeth to completely align the teeth row. With aligners Invisalign, we try to avoid extraction as much as possible. The big advantage of INVISALIGN is that we can expand the jaw up to 2 mm on both sides and this opportunity helps to avoid the extraction
  • A person with braces should do professional hygiene at least 4 times per year;
  • In addition, after removing braces, there is a very high probability of caries formation. Each visit is paid separately;
  • Add all expenses you will need before and after treating by braces and get a similar price as with aligners Invisalign, but the process will be uncomfortable and painful, non-aesthetic and 2-3 times longer.
Fact 2

It's easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy by wearing INVISALIGN aligners.

You will not need to hide from other people and use tooth brush and antiseptic mouthwash after each meal. Just rinse your mouth with a glass of water and put on your aligner.

Fact 3

Eat everything what you want without problems.

Popcorn, nuts, salad, apples, meat - all these delicious foods that you would not be able to eat without discomfort with metal arches can be eaten with taste.

Зніміть елайнер за 1 секунду та насолоджуйтесь їжею.

Fact 4

You will know if the child was wearing an aligner or not

Each aligner for teenager has a small blue indicator. When the kid is wearing aligner, the indicator loses its color and becomes transparent. So you and the orthodontist will be able to check if the child really was wearing aligner for as long as necessary. The indicator changes color only during salivation, so the focus with water will not work)

Fact 5

Invisalign aligners control both the force and timing of the force application. During each treatment stage, only certain teeth are moved. Your orthodontist determines these movements as they map out your personal treatment plan.

Fact 6

Aligners INVISALIGN are effective only for easy cases - this is the MYTH

Aligners are effective for all cases, very often they work even better than braces. After all, using the ClinCheck program, the orthodontist sees everything in digital form and predicts how the bite will be changed and the teeth will be aligned.

At first it seems that metal has a stronger effect on the smile than plastic. However, technology is changing and aligners Invisalign are now considered to be the most powerful orthodontic technology that cope with everything.