Invisalign vs Braces

It may appear that all of these three options produce the same end result, that being a beautiful and confident smile. However, there is more to consider than simply the endresult. Some key questions you need to consider include:

    About Difference

    Costs and duration of each treatment can vary according to
    which orthodontist you visit.

    The three types of braces, all with varying costs, are metal, ceramic and lingual. The traditional metal braces are the least expensive but also the most noticeable. Ceramic have tooth-colored brackets so they’re less noticeable but generally more expensive than traditional braces. Then there are lingual, which are traditional metal brackets placed on the insides of the teeth. Lingual are of course less noticeable but the most expensive type of braces.

    In each case, our specialists will offer you different alternatives.
    We propose 2 packages: Flex, where you pay only for what you need and Unlimited package, where you have ClinCheck, aligners for upper and lower jaws, all visits, corrections, additional applications and 5 years warranty from Invisalign.

    About Difference

    Invisalign not only straightens teeth, it also treats cases such as overbite, under bite, crowding, cross bite and spacing. This revolutionary type of treatment consists of a series of nearly invisible aligners, so hardly anybody notices that you’re wearing them. Unlike traditional braces, the custom-made aligners can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing or flossing.

    This is a major advantage as it ensures you the opportunity to maintain good oral hygiene. Another major advantage is the smoothness and comfortable plastic, which make up the aligners. In contrast to traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are less likely to irritate your cheeks and gums.

    Ціна брекетів

    Лінгвальні брекети дорожчі за елайнери, а металеві та керамічні – дешевше. Але ціна вирівнювання зубів у Львові залежить не тільки від бренду і типу обраної системи, а й від складності ортодонтичної проблеми, тактики і тривалості лікування. Актуальну цінову пропозицію від Villa Louisa ви можете отримати після консультації лікаря, проведення діагностики та створення індивідуального плану вирівнювання зубів.

    Important Facts

    • Almost invisible
    • Comfortable and removable
    • Brush and floss normally
    • Traditional metal braces
    From 400 euros per jaw
    • Ceramic braces
    From 800 euros per jaw
    • Invisalign
    From 1290 euros per jaw
    • Lingual braces
    From 1500 euros per jaw

    Of course your orthodontist can help to guide you through which treatment plan is best for you, but it is equally important that you have an understanding of each treatment option available to you.

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