5 / 3 / 2021

Incorrect bite: reasons and consequences

  • Distal: the lower jaw is pushed to the posterior according to the upper;
  • Open bite: the front teeth of the upper and lower jaw are not closed;
  • Mesial: the lower jaw row pushed forward and covers the upper;
  • Deep bite: the upper incisors cover more than half the lower teeth;
  • Crossbite: lateral teeth of the lower jaw overlap upper;
  • Overly crowded: very close tooth position.

Серед найбільш поширених причин неправильного прикусу і формування кривих зубів можна виділити:

  • heredity
  • harmful children's habits, for example, sucking a thumb;
  • incorrect growth and location of teeth;
  • long use of a dummy;
  • incorrect artificial feeding;
  • chronic ENT disease, as a result of which the child has to breathe by mouth;
  • saving of the infantile type of swallowing.

An incorrect bite leads to serious consequences, such as

  • constant headache;
  • dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints;
  • diseases of the digestive system, because food does not chew properly and goes into the stomach poorly treated;
  • disturbance of respiratory functions, speech functions, chewing and swallowing;
  • tooth erase and destruction
  • The diagnosis of deformation of bite and not aligned teeth can be carried out at the moment when the last milk tooth has grown, that is, approximately up to 3 years;
  • By this time, the child has about 20 teeth, by which you can understand whether the right bite is formed;
  • Treatment of incorrect bite is the best to begin with childhood, then it will bring less discomfort and take little time compared with correction of bite for adults;
  • The process of treatment fpr adults is somehowt stretched in time, since the jaw is already completely formed and not so easily deformed.

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