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    Olena Zilanova

    Lviv, Ukraine

    Olena Zilanova
    About my experience using aligners

    Those who know me well, have already gotten that this red box is always with me, and those who do not, always wonder that is in this box.
    So what is there ?!

    My super-cool invisalign are special aligners which I change every week, so like that my bite and teeth are straightening.

    I have been with them for 8 months and have remained quite a bit, a couple of months before the perfect smile. While the lower jaw after 6 months was
    fully aligned.

    What better to understand, I explain: this is a completely new system of straightening bite and teeth,
    painless, aesthetically beautiful (because at the right time you can
    remove, for example, on the shooting) and achieve the desired result can be much faster than it was with the brackets. Magic.

    Natali Lytvyn

    Ternopil, Ukraine

    Natali Lytvyn
    About my experience using aligners

    Now I have my orthodontic treatment by aligners, in another words straightening teeth and correcting bite
    Every time I wear a transparent aligner from Invisalign.

    What is the different from brackets?
    📌Up to 50% faster treatment
    📌Predictable result (after scanning the teeth and creating a digital treatment plan, you will see on the monitor what the smile will be like at the end and how long it will take. Not like with brackets "Stay a little bit, I'll screw it", and so another year, although it may not be like that)
    📌Transparent and removable. Photosession, a wedding, or something else - remove and that`s all.
    📌Comfort. I do not feel them. Only every new aligner presses a little on the first day. No pain, I can eat everything
    📌Safety (smooth surface), nothing scratches, no infections and inflammatory processes
    📌Effective in cases of any complexity
    📌High quality hygiene. You do not have to clean parsley from braces. I clean my teeth as always
    📌Aesthetics. This is the main thing, they are invisible

    Why Villa Louisa Clinic? (They are in Lviv and Kiev)
    ☑️ These are №1 provider of aligners in Ukraine
    ☑️Work only with Invisalign aligners
    ☑️ High qualified doctors (trained in France).
    No discomfort, though I was very afraid. Dreams must come true! 🙌🏻

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